Criminal Girls X in Development

With the bankruptcy of it’s developer Imageepoch, Criminal Girls was thought to be dead in the water. The mature JRPG series featured two main entries which were localize for the west by NIS America. Both having a reasonably sized cult following, but not enough that you’d expect another entry to materialize. Against all odds, former Imageepoch CEO, Ryoei Mikage has started a new Studio called Mikage LLC which has announced it’s first release to be none other than a Criminal Girls title dubbed, Criminal Girls X.

The game was successfully crowd founded on the Japanese crowd founding platform, CAMPFIRE. The game surpassed it’s target of 6,000,000 yen ($55,401.02 USD) to reach a whopping 11,521,221 yen ($106,381.24 USD) at the time of writing. Keep in mind that the game was only founded on this Japanese platform. Were it on Kickstarter or other western platforms I’m sure it would do even better. People what these types of games and they’re willing to pay for them. Just look at the massive reception Subverse has received. The market wants mature sexual experiences, and games like these prove it.

Details were deciphered from the crowd funding page using Google Translate, so there may be some inaccuracies.

Criminal Girls X is being developed as a first-person VR compatible RPG for the PC and mobile (Android/IOS). The current plans include two versions of the game, a free version with DLC, and a fully fledged offline console styled version. The free version will be released regardless of the the crowd funding performance while the console version will be dependant on the target being met, which it has been.

Criminal Girls X Expected Hardware Requirements:

iOS version Required environment : iOS 9.0 or later (recommended terminal: iPhone 6s or later) 

Android version Required environment : Android 6.0 or later 

PC version Required environment : Windows 10 64bit · HDD 3GB or more free space · Intel Core i3 2.0 GHz or more equivalent Memory 4GB or more, graphic card, screen resolution 1280×1080 or more

According to what we learned from the translation, the Criminal Girls X’s plot will follow a protagonist attempting to rehabilitate 24 delinquents who are one step away from committing serious crimes. Acting as their prison guard, it will the players responsibility to reform them within a year or risk loosing the one they love.

This is a similar premise to the previous games, but with way more delinquents and a huge amount of potential to either be very good, or the complete opposite.

No plans for a western release were announced, but with the trailer being translated in English it’s hard not to speculate, or should I say hope for a western release of Criminal Girls X. As a huge fan of the previous entries in this franchise you can rest assured that that if there are any further developments with regards to the game I’ll be covering it.

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