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Delicious, that’s the only word I can think of to describe this webtoon or webtoon. Perfect Half is visually delicious, a treat to the eyes. I started this one during a long weekend and kept reading till I was finished, all the while taking the time to re-read whole chapters where I felt it necessary.

Luv P (the mangaka) depicts a brutal world ruled by primitive men called Wolves. These men treated women as their playthings, tools whose only purpose was to satiate their pleasures, to be used as they please as if they were objects, cattle.

Perfect Half Backstory

At some point before the story in Perfect Half began a woman named Aria stood up and fought for her freedom, leading to a revolution for all women, then she vanished without a trace. Her efforts succeeded her, firmly establishing the women now known as Foxes as equals to the men in status, and power. During the process of achieving their goal the land was equally divided up between the men and women; however, this even divide did nothing to end the feud between the sexes. They remained apart living in two very different societies while periodically attacking each other for the purpose of mating or power.

The story we are introduced to picks up with a platoon of male soldiers venturing off into the night on a routine mission that goes horribly wrong. All of the soldiers are defeated excluding two who are captured and “forced” to shag, but let’s face it no bloke was turning down the squish that was on offer in this situation. The main character, Hae Rang Ayi was in the care of a petite young lady who though innocent by all means, knew her way around if you know what I mean. When Hae Rang’s blindfold was removed he noticed the adorable lady in front of him first and then his comrade over his shoulder experiencing “DEATH BY SNU SNU” from a beautiful blonde woman.

Hae Rang’s companion, Miro Danbi soon tries to initiate a similar situation with him, although due to the whole shock of the situation he’s unable to perform. She then flashes him which ignites his well endowed tool called “Prince Dick” by other characters in the webtoon. Yup, it gets quite dirty from here, censored, but dirty.

Fast forward a bit, and Hae  Rang receives a strange necklace from one of the leader of the group that kidnapped them, Arah Yoonseul. Puzzled in the moment, he soon learns that it is the key to him meeting her again in a month to copulate in a mutual area called Pu-Sil where both men and women go should a man gain the necklace of a woman.

Now here’s the thing though. If both parties agree, shagging can commence on the spot should a woman or man defeat the other in combat with the loser having to do whatever the winner commands. Usually when men win they fornicate with the women but never pass on their seed to them, possibly out of fear that by doing so it’ll bolster their ranks. The women on the other hand always take the seed of men they defeat, though they are usually quite unsatisfied after the process is completed. This cat and mouse game between both parties soon results in a lower than normal birth rate with the fault resting on the men who seem to have become less fertile. Hae Rang on the other hand is the exact opposite of other males. For one he’s no one trick pony in the sack. He also takes care to be gentle and satisfy the women he defeats throughout the story. He’s the ideal lady’s man and he’s possibly the most fertile of his kind, possibly. The main plot is focused on Yoonseul and Hae Rang’s relationship with a solid subplot centered on the King of the Wolves and the Queen of the Foxes playing a proverbial chess game with their subordinates. A King and a Queen who Yoonseul wants to replace then unify the warring factions.

All Shapes Welcome :3

The ladies and blokes in this webtoon cover a broad scope of body types. There are thicc ladies, and chubby men, athletic ladies and athletic men. Pretty much if you have a type chances are it’s represented in here somewhere, and I like that A LOT. Aesthetically the characters are all highly sensual. Each and every one of them gripped my interest with their well illustrated features and perfectly depicted anatomy. This attention to detail is also present in the action scenes as well not just the deliciously tantalizing ones. As for the environments around the characters, well… they’re all pretty much set dressing for the main course, they’re also well detailed when they need to be. The majority of the panels have featureless backgrounds to better accent the immense amount of smut in the foreground.

The webtoon doesn’t seem to be lacking in any way, shape, or form. Characters are likeable, the plot is easy to follow, and the art is simply magnificent. ?

Final Verdict

All in all I love the character design more than anything else in the webtoon. The female characters are mind-blowingly alluring in every sense of the word. My favorite being miss thiccness herself, Young-Ji. The writing is also satisfactory, though basic it does convey a compelling enough story that should hook any reader willing to give this one a try. All that being said I think it should go without saying that this is not a webtoon for anyone who is not into sexual topics and their depiction. You gotta have your p-life membership card on the ready to check this one out. Everyone else enter with caution, because it’s one hell of a pleasurable ride.

Perfect Half is written and illustrated by Luv P, and is currently being published by Lezhin Comics with new chapters releasing three times per month (On the 8th/18th/28th).

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