‘Tyrian Adventures’ – Episode 11: “CM3, HotW1, & AC3 w/ [SOL]”

This video was actually recorded back on the night of February 25-26, 2014 but has remained on my harddrive until recently because of the fact that I’ve been very busy lately coupled with my GPU dying on me. Sadly, I’ve had to try not to tax things too hard until my new GPU arrived, so video content has been at a minimum. Thankfully, I’ve also had a little backlog of as-yet-unreleased content, so it’s worked out well enough!

Anyway, this Tyrian Adventures episode features another dungeon run with the Ember Solace guild on the Tarnished Coast server. This time around, myself, Mango, and Petra (along with two random players we picked up in different runs here) take on path three of Caudecus’s Manor, “The Butcher” path in Honor of the Waves, and the third path of Ascalon Catacombs. Here, Petra does a great job showing us some of the tips and tricks associated with speed running, and while not the absolute fastest times ever, I think we adapted pretty well and it went very smoothly.

With the next phase of the Scarlet story here (presumably her final chapter), expect to perhaps see some of its content where we take back Lion’s Arch, in Episode 12 or 13!

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