Project Q – Who Asked PlayStation For This?

During last night’s PlayStation Showcase, Sony showed us a device codenamed, Project Q. This streaming device is supposed to allow PS5 owners to stream games from their consoles. From what we’ve noticed, it’s basically a PS5 controller cut in half and glued to an 8 inch tablet. The whole thing looks like something my 14 year old would whip up in his spare time.

According to PlayStation it will work over wi-fi and lacks the ability to play games natively. And though it’s supposed to have adaptive triggers and all the features of the Duel-Sense controller, I can’t fathom who it was made for.

Who is out their asking for this Project Q?

The device was rumoured back in April but we thought it was a joke. A roll over from April fools day but I guess we were the fools. Apparently there is a market out there hammering to pay a premium (and we know this is gonna be pricey) for the ability to play their PS5 games via remote play over wi-fi… Oh wait, we can already do that and there is already a PlayStation licenced controller attachment for your phone to do so.

So again, Why?

PlayStation hasn’t released much else about their new device outside of what we’ve noted thus far. When they do we’ll be sure to update this.

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