“Munin” + “Chronology” w/ Allahweh

Recently, I decided that one good way to slowly build my YouTube channel and my Twitch following would be to allow myself to be a bit less rigid and be able to stream or record videos from time to time just because I felt like playing whatever game it was, not because it had to fit into some mold of gaming show formats. In the end, having fun is very important to me, and I think this will make that even more possible. It’ll allow me to stream something, transfer it to YouTube, make light edits, and move on.

The first segment that I did in this new format (called Random Gaming or Random Night Owling, depending on the time of day) focuses on an indie puzzler called “Munin,” released by Daedalic Entertainment. Munin is a neat game which I reviewed recently on this and several other sites, yet I felt it was a game best shown off in a video or live-stream. It is a rather relaxing game, though later on the puzzles pick up and can become rather frustratingly difficult in places.

Still, for the asking price of the game on Steam, I feel it is a worthwhile purchase.

The second such game featured in this new series was Chronology, a game released in May of 2014 by Osao Games and also reviewed for a few different sites. This game is one that I really like because of its platforming challenges, its wonderful hand-drawn artwork and cutscenes, and the unique gameplay it has to offer. However, in just a short stream I manage to get through four of the eight chapters, and thus still feel that the game is a bit too short perhaps for its asking price on Steam. Yet, because of how high-quality the game ultimately is, I have no problem recommending it.

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Jessica Brown

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