“The Witcher 2” Long Play: Chapter 3-1 =)

Because the previous video was just so incredibly long, I decided to cut this one back a bit and keep it at just around an hour. It also makes sense with the focus of this video, which brings Geralt and Iorveth into the city of Loc Muinne and then puts Geralt on a quest to help a “friend” discover the ancient secrets of Dearhenna’s Laboratory, hidden deep below the city itself. It is an interesting session that is a good divergence from the rest of the gameplay styles in the game, and it also puts Geralt in an interesting situation in terms of discovering where his loyalties lay. In truth, I made a decision to pursue this even though I don’t think Geralt himself would, mainly because I was intrigued about finding out what was hidden in the lab.

Also, I used facecam for this video, though I do explain it in the intro and I think it makes sense. Plus, this time I’m using a full 1080p webcam along with some cool blue lighting!

Stay tuned for the next session! 🙂

Jessica Brown

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