“Ys Origin” Parts 2 & 3 w/ Jess!

The second portion of my Ys Origin playthrough picks up with Yunica having defeated a boss (technically a mid-boss) and receiving both a strange, magical mask that allowed her to see unseen things as well as the key to the large locked door on the tower’s first floor. Here, we use the mask to look around a bit and discover a mage who was apparently the one the two mercenaries were tailing before. Then, we make our way to an interesting boss battle and open a new area of the tower called the Flooded Prison.

The Flooded Prison introduces us to new enemy types and new items, and the segment wraps up after the mid-boss – the female mercenary girl we first encountered in the first session!

In the third session, we gain a new ax ability that helps us get through the second portion of the Flooded Prison, which is enhanced by our new ability to hold our breath for a very long time. After another massive boss fight (a giant centipede!), we make our way into Guilty Fire – a lava and flame themed area of the tower.

Guilty Fire is a neat area with a great theme song to it, and presents us with a few puzzles to overcome. I grind a bit, which makes the boss at the end of the area much easier, and we move on to the next major section of the tower. Yunica also has an encounter with her father’s spirit and is bequeathed the family blade – a weapon which gives her the ability to use the third unlockable attack skill.

The fourth session is on the horizon! Be sure to follow me on Twitch so you can watch some of these (and more) live!

Jessica Brown

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