“Zelda: Sword of Moria” Demo 2.5 Continued!

In the first half of my playthrough of demo 2.5 of my in-development fan-game, Zelda: Sword of Moria, we did a lot of exploration of Eastern Calatia and took on Eldin Shrine and the Roc’s Well. I think that session went fairly well and I hope it serves as a good walkthrough for any of you who were stuck on a demo release and needed help figuring out where to go next.

Now, I finish off our exploration of Eastern Calatia (particularly the northern beach, lighthouse, and the town of Nordaryu) and get a couple upgrades and then we return to Calta Canyon to enter Caltaka Roo – a large ten-story pyramid dungeon where the second fragment is held. The pyramid will be an interesting challenge for most players, balancing some 2D side-scrolling platform action with fun puzzles and a maze near the end. A side-track (as I did in the video) back to Saria is recommended in order to get another heart-piece and the Large Shield. The shield, while not necessary, will make the pyramid’s boss much easier!

The next public demo will be version 3.0 which may be released sometime in April 2015. Until then, you can check out version 2.0 here and get a taste of the game!

Jessica Brown

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