Finally Storming Valestein Castle in ‘Felghana!’

For all of Ys: The Oath in Felghana up to this point, Valestein Castle has been a place we’ve been forbidden from entering. Large, foreboding, and dark, the structure looms over the land and seems to instill dread even in those who work there. But, recently we found out a lot about Count McGuire and his role in the slaughter at Genos Island, and we found out that Chester is seeking his revenge against the count and his loyalists. Adol sets out to stop him, as he believes that the count’s servants aren’t to blame for his own sins.

Valestein Castle is a huge, maze-like dungeon. It seems like pretty much all of the Ys games feature some sort of maze area in them, and I suppose this is the one for this title. It’s a huge place, with three bosses we need to clear and lots of items to get, all leading up to the Clock Tower area we will eventually get to. Yet, in this episode, we begin our exploration, fight some nasty foes, get some good gear and items along the way, and then face the first of the three bosses: Death Faleon.

Faleon is a tough critter that can change his weakness and fighting styles as he goes. He’s definitely a boss that if you run in and try to kill him quickly you’ll most likely die pitifully, so you need to stand your ground, dodge his attacks, and take your time defeating him. Yet, once he goes down, we get one of the key items we will need to press on to the Clock Tower area.

Next time, we’ll delve even further into the castle, but for now, stay tuned – lots of other fun things are on the way!

Jessica Brown

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