RetroN HD: HD Console for NES Cartridges announced

There really is no excuse to not be a retro gamer in 2017, especially with the imminent arrival of Hyperkin’s new RetroN HD – a high definition update of the original RetroN (1), now in stunning 720p output.

This is the best time to be an NES enthusiast. With the advent of the NES Classic Edition, Capcom’s Disney Afternoon Collection, and just a general resurgence in 8-bit gaming, the RetroN HD is both the perfect time machine and gateway console for playing real NES cartridges in your modern living room.

– Hyperkin Product Developer, Chris Gallizzi

Supporting both PAL and NTSC NES cartridges, as well as shipping with a new premium controller called the “Cadet,” the RetroN HD stands to be the best solution for NES gaming in our current gaming generation. The RetroN HD is available for pre-order in the UK and will be available on May 25th from

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