Just Shapes and Beats drops soon on PlayStation 4

You might be forgiven for thinking that a game that prominently features the iconic symbols of square, circle, and triangle would be out for PlayStation 4 first, but until now Just Shapes and Beats has only been available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

That all changes May 10, when PS4 gamers can get their besquared, crossed encircled and triangulated controllers into Beserk Studios trippy couch-coop musical bullet-hell. There will be shapes. There will be beats. And you will die. A lot.

Besides the story mode and drop-in drop-out couch and online co-op, the PlayStation 4 version will get something the other versions won’t have for a while: Hardcore mode. There will be 39 extra track versions exclusive to PS4 at launch that are much, much harder. All of the new Hardcore track versions will roll out onto the other platforms as a free update in the near future.

In couch co-op, your PS4 controllers light up the same color as your shape, and that’s just rad.

Just Shapes & Beats: Hardcore Edition will be available on PS4 starting on May 10th, and will sell for $19.99 USD.

Tim Bledsoe

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