Aces of the Multiverse Launches for PS4/ XPLORA

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and XPLORA, the European leader in children’s wearables, announced the launch of exclusive PlayStation 4 title, “Aces of the Multiverse”; the first video game that encourages offline physical activity by providing players with in-game rewards for steps taken in the real world. This is made possible using XPLORA’s Online to Offline platform and its range of smartwatches.

Aces of the Multiverse, developed by Gammera Nest, is a fantasy and sports multiplayer title aimed at younger players, in which different species from the multiverse compete in intergalactic football matches. The game offers a mix of strategy, sports, and trading cards, with each team possessing special abilities depending on its planet of origin.

It is available to download today from the UK PSN store for £11.99, players can, for the very first time, use their XPLORA smartwatches to exchange steps taken in real-life for trading cards that can be used to upgrade and bolster their team of intergalactic players.

Qudduws Campbell

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