Waifu Tier List of DREAMS!

Welcome to the Waifu Tier List of DREAMS! This is the internet’s definitive list for waifus and how they rank compared to each other. In this list we rank them using three metrics; their Personality, Abilities/ Power, and Appearance/ Sex appeal. Each of these are rated out of 3 each for a grand total of 9 points. On rare occasions extra points may be added or subtracted for emphasis. Once tallied they will be granted a ranking on the Waifu Tier List of DREAMS! from S to G. If a candidate earns 0 out of 9 then they are deemed to not be a waifu and will be awarded the dreaded Not a waifu ranking.

If they are exceptional in any department then they may gain an extra point and thus have 4/3 instead of the usual 3/3. Should this total to 10 or above then said waifu Will be granted Waifu of DREAMS! status.

The entries for the list will be mostly chosen by our editorial staff however Top Tier Bando/ Waifu members of our YouTube channel: Lpgardian will also be afforded the choice to choose one Waifu per month to be added to the list.

Those looking for more tier list from us can also check out Originals sections under Countdowns.