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The Video game, a medium that has been around as early as 1947. This form entertainment has evolved from its simple single joystick and one button input system to multi-peripheral input methods of interacting with the on screen images of today’s games. For a gamer born in the modern age (or current gen) it’s hard to explain the simpler fun times of playing tank and on a CRT tele. It’s a hard concept for them to understand because they have not experienced it initially like some of us did. Now as early there were games, there have been gamers; an organism that could take a controller in hand and make magic happen on the screen. Gamers have always come in many sizes, shapes and types. Some are your Alfa gamers; those blokes that shout and curse as they play and believe whatever they play to be better than everyone else’s interest. Then there are your cult gamers, these blokes are the hipsters of the gaming world, “everything is too mainstream bro, play cave story”. You also have your RPG gamers (me) these are the gamers that are sometimes the nerds of the gaming world, we play mostly alone and like it so. Gamers come in so many types some I have not mentioned and some that cannot be classified easily, but yet gaming has for most of its existence been considered a male dominated ecosystem.


Statistically females account for 47% of the gaming population (a number that I growing exponentially), and I’m not talking about your mom that just plays angry birds on her IPhone, no I’m talking about the kind of chick that will play you in Dragon Ball Z hit you a 1000 hit combo and walk away from the controller while your character is still being hit. These are the chicks that can quote Final fantasy lines and put a frag up where the sun don’t shine. Yet for all the awesome that gamer chicks are they have been viewed as second class citizens by their community in the past, and even in some small miss guided places presently.

As human beings we have been conditioned look at each other and see the differences, and not see the fact that at the end of the day none of us are really so different from our common man/woman. The gamers of the past were looked down upon and treated badly by the mainstream society, but now that gaming has become mainstream it’s gamers that are turning on their own kind. Sometimes in the most horrific ways possible.  It got so bad that some chick just don’t say that they are girls when they play online to avoid all the dumb attention and stupid comments. It’s sad to think that a group could be playing online with a girl for hour’s fine and as soon as they find out she’s a girl they either flock to her with sexual remarks and rude statements or try to insult her with stereotypes. This is not how gamers should treat fellow gamers, this is not how males should treat females.

How I see it the female gamer is the best of both worlds, they are female the ultimate male desire, and they play video games. It baffles me as to what goes on in some blokes minds when they hassle another person online. What does one get from stupid name calling and harassment, is there an achievement that goes off in their heads as they troll others? These are questions I constantly ask myself when I see/hear these dumb comment on the inter-webs. These dumb comment need to stop and the only way to do so is to call these fools on the dumb stuff they put out there or don’t indulge their comments when they make posts on forums. I personally have my own set of trolls on some of my social accounts, not the kind of that female gamers get but just as stupid and when I catch them trolling I just don’t give them the benefit of a comment and in some cases they realize how stupid they are and just remove their comment on their own. We have to nip this nonsense in the butt now before it continues in to another generation, and spoils gaming for everyone.

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So now that we have covered the dumb things that some males do to make gaming unpleasant for females I would like to close off with all the great things about Gamers chicks, as well as describing some of the awesome gamer chicks I have meet in my life time so far.

The little Sistergamer girls

Ok so the first gamer chick I have ever met has to be my lil sis, yes I thought her everything she knows and at one point she could own all my friends in Marvel vs Capcom as I sat back feeling proud. The little sister gamer is the most common gamer I have come across, as most sisters who have older brothers with consoles get to play whatever their brother is not playing especially if the bloke gets a new consoles and allows his sis to play the older ones. The little sister Gamer is also one of the best kind of gamers you can ever meet because they get the handed down games and so have a better understanding for the classics and for the medium as it evolved. These kind of gamer girls make for great conversation.

The Tomboy
Tomboys are usually a term used to refer to girls that hangout primarily with boys and have a lot of male quarks. The tom boy gamer chick has hung out with either her brother’s friends or her male classmates for years. She’s the kind of chick that can kick your ass with or without a controller. These types of gamer chicks are nice company for hanging out in groups. They blend in well with all the blokes and more often than not turn out to be Alfa gamers, tea bagging you as they own you in call of duty.

The Role player
gamer girls 2She is more often than not as much a nerd as you are. She has probably played all the Zelda games, she has a full level hundred team in every Pokémon game, and she may even be able to quote star wars. This type of gamer chick is the kind that if you meet her don’t let her go, even if she just wants to be your friend. This girl gamer is by far my favorite type of gamer chick, though due to the culture of my native country they are quite rare here, but thankfully few I have had the pleasure meet and get to know are some of the coolest chicks I know period.

The Undercover Girl
gamer girls 3She probably works for a company whose name you can’t remember and wears an office ladies suit all day. She is also quite common and may be a grown up version of the little sister. This type of gamer chick knows what she is about, has her future plotted out and controls many people in her life. She likes power and thrives among sharks as she devours them, making them her minions. The undercover girl may never let up the fact that she has an Xbox in her room that she uses to play Grand theft auto on every night, and if she has a PC you can bet it has SIMs on it to play god and control the masses (“dance for me, dance”). I know this type of gamer chick only too well.

Gamer chicks come in many types so much so that I cannot classify them all here in this one article. We are all human and we are all individuals. We think differently we see things differently, but at the end of the day we are gamers. We should not prosecute any of our kind because of Race, sex, or personal preferences. Remember we were once the ones that were looked down on and treated as the weird ones. Now that gaming is has been accepted by society let us not choose now to turn on each other. Treat others with the same amount of respect you would like and let us have fun playing together for many years to come.  

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  1. I saw this, and HAD to read it. 🙂 Guess what? I enjoyed the read immensely. I really enjoy when others take the time to think about girls who game, or geeky girls in general. We are out there, boys. We’re not a rare mythical unicorn and I really wish that when I walked into a Table Top Gaming/Comic Shop that you would stop staring at me like I do have a horn growing out of my forehead.

    PS: It is weird that I’m a little bit of all the gamer girl categories you mentioned? 🙂 Diversity, ftw!

    – Britney

    1. Thank you very much Britney, 🙂 it means alot to me when i get feedback on my articles especially when it’s good feedback. I like to think the blokes that do the staring when you enter comic/tabletop stores only stare because they lack the communication skills to just come up to you and say Hi. Some of these sames blokes may be quite conversational behind a screen but IRL they freeze like a deer in front of headlights.
      You should go up to them and say Hi maybe a few may come out of their shells, oh and no i don’t think it’s weird that you’re a bit of all “Diversity ftw”

      1. You’re welcome!

        It is the weirdest thing to be in a place full of people that seem social with each other, but then they don’t talk to me. Some of them go so far to avoid eye contact, lol. I always think that hey, here’s a pretty girl that is in one of your favorite stores purchasing something and you don’t even acknowledge that she’s there. Only the guys working there do, haha. Oh well. 🙂 I’m sure some of them will talk to me eventually.

        – Britney

  2. This was a nice read, well written. Where did you get your statistics from, and where does it apply? Consoles, PC? It’s very interesting to see how many gamer girls are actually out there today. It doesn’t feel like that when you play WoW for example, but that may be because not everyone is comfortable with throwing their genders around, as you write.

    Personally, I have found that playing with chicks is something I really enjoy. Not because I want to flirt with them, but because it’s easier to have a conversation. I like to talk about feelings and expereinces – most guys like to talk about soccer or boobs, neither hold much interest to me 😉

    I think there’s ups and downs to everything. I’ve met some girls as well that thought they could get away with everything, just because they were girls. This is very rare however, and propably not as rare as a jackass pervy man in the gaming universe.

    Anyhow, thanks for letting us read your article, and have a wonderful day 🙂

    1. To answer your question about where i got my statistics:

      oh and sadly i’m one of those blokes that likes to talk about soccer and boobs (well only boobs when i hang out with the blokes and feeling playful), but i do like talking about soccer a lot. however i only talk about it with friends that appreciate that kind of conversation, you know “a time and a place for everything”.

      Thanks for the wonderful response to my article. As i said in one of my previous comment above it means alot to me to get feedback from individuals that read my articles. it’s like trying your best at a test and getting an A to me. 😀

  3. This breakdown is fantastic – I had no idea we now cornered 47% of the gaming market out there.

    Pretty sure I’m the last type…though if I reveal that identity, can’t still be undercover, can I?

    1. No you can not Lol, you’re out in the open now…. But be proud to be a gamer. You are part of a community of fun lovers and creative minds. I’m personally happy to have you a part of this community, so no more hiding 🙂

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