Dive Across Dimensions In Remnants Of The Rift, Out Now On Steam Early Access!

In Remnants of the Rift, dive between dimensions and fight against a deep rift in reality known as The Bast. Pause, to assess the grid for threats; plan, to make sure your next move is your best move; and play, to set your tactics in glorious motion. Innovative strategic gameplay means these core tenets are fast, fluid, and fun to pull off. Be wary, though, as you dive deeper in this stylish roguelite, The Bast will require you to work harder, smarter, and faster. Don’t let your guard down.

Seeking closure for themself and their friends after tragedy struck, Morgan, a suspenders-wearing mercenary with a whole lot resting on their shoulders, looks to the deadly depths of The Bast for answers. As their mission takes them deeper and deeper, they’ll need to grow their arsenal, mod their weapons, and develop new tactics to stand a chance against ever-escalating threats. Dive to survive, mercenary.


  • A unique tactical battle system combining real-time action and time-freezing strategy
  • Slick retro-futuristic visuals set to a catchy, energetic original soundtrack
  • Every dive is different: change your strategies on the fly to counter a dimension in flux
  • Discover the secrets of each world and fight to unravel the mysteries of your new life
  • Meet a cast of roguish characters and factions as you dive, dimension-hop, and defy death in your quest to best The Bast.

Dive into Remnants of the Rift in Early Access on Steam today, currently 15% off for its launch week on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1656050/Remnants_of_the_Rift/  

Kriston Daniel

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