Gunvein Nintendo Switch Release

Gunvein is a dynamic, aggression-based bullet hell shoot-em-up where you use lock-on lasers, charged weapons, bombs & hypers inspired by the arcade masterpieces of CAVE, Taito, and Raizing/8ing. Screen domination is vital – use your lock-ons & charged energy blasts to overwhelm enemies before they overwhelm you.

Aggressive play is rewarded with resources that can be used to temporarily power up your shot or to unleash a devastating screen-clearing Bomb. Use this to create destructive feedback loops!
The score isn’t merely a number – the points you accrue come back to you as extra lives & currency for the game’s shop system.


Standard/Console Mode
A mode that provides a satisfying level of challenge for those who don’t seek out 1 credit clears or high scores. Balanced checkpoints & a shop system that makes sure that no restart is wasted. No practice modes are required, learn by playing!

Arcade Mode
See how far you can get with a limited stock of lives & no continues! Alternatively, take advantage of the Freeplay Mode to relax or practice!

Roguelike Arrange Mode
Test your reflexes & decision-making in procedurally generated versions of the game’s 5 stages! Carefully designed to capture the intensity, smooth flow/pacing, and encounter a variety of hand-crafted stages.

Online Leaderboards And Convenient Practice Tools

Gunvein has 3 main characters, each with their unique playstyle.

[Ship: Bagon][Weapon: Homing Lasers]Riko uses the overwhelming speed and power of the Bagon ship to dance around shots and rhythmically destroy enemies.

[Ship: Damul][Weapon: Lock-On Drones]Damul’s strength lies in its vast coverage, safety & efficiency. Enemies can be hit from anywhere on the screen, giving Miko full control over how much danger she is in.

[Ship: Gunex][Weapon: Charged Energy Blast]
Piloting a highly experimental ship Gunex, the young prodigy relies on planning & prediction to set up bomb blasts that catch enemies by surprise.

Gunvein will be available on Nintendo Switch as an eShop download on May 11th.

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