100% Orange Juice changed me

100% Orange Juice

100% orange juice, no not the literal juice from the fruit, no the video game. One may think that from its name it has something to do with freshly squeezed juice, but in all actuality the game is somewhat of a board game. Developed by Mizuumi for the (Steam) PC the game has a simplistic look to it, with 2D sprites for the character tokens, a flat 2D looking board and no niceties that would have your basic PC coughing. This game is low power, low maintenance. What I mean by low maintenance is that the game can be picked up and played like an app based game similar to what one would find on an iPhone/ipad or android device. Play for a bit, then leave to go do something else, that’s the formula and I love it. There are no penalties for simply quitting mid game and abandoning your friends to the faith of playing alone against the NPC or some random spectator waiting for an opportunity to get in on the action.

Now 100% orange juice has different types of gamers. It turns us against each other forms alliances and spits in the faces of those that don’t adapt. Here’s what we have become.


Mr. Fedora


So here’s the deal. We here at BSB have been playing 100% orange juice in groups for a few months now and from my experience I can say that Seraph may be the best player among us at playing this game. His personality, play style and character are perfect for this type of game. He doesn’t draw attention to himself, avoids encounters and before you know it he has 6 stars and is just messing with the rest of us for the fun of it. I tip my fedora to you good sir.


Homer Simpson


He’s loud, proud and is somehow one of the most lucky players. 16bit is the type of gamer that this game is made for. You don’t want to play him in a one on one match with CPU’s but in groups of four, the man is a monster. He compels others to do his bidding, especially Seraph and is highly likely to get a 6 on his next roll of the dice just to muck up your good day. If you are met with this bloke in a match makes sure you have something to help bribe your fellow players to help take him down or you’ll be listening to the John Cena theme all night.


The Traitor


There was once a time when I considered this bloke my twin brother (jk), but the juice has changed him, turned him into a creature that I do not recognize. Zach is your typical run of the mill over achiever. He tries so hard to win, but seldom succeeds. He is willing to kill me at a moment’s notice, (granted dare I say I started Treachery), and will likely convince newcomers to join his cause all so that I may not win. Zach is not likely to win at 100% Orange Juice, but he sure does make it an exciting match with all that smack talk and the crafty way he teams up with newcomers to beat me. PS come break my streak bro.


There’s curry in my juice (The real Traitor)


The first time I played 100% I was so pure, naive, and innocent to the territory that awaited me. I teamed up with someone and they betrayed me all so that they could have my stars. I did it again and the same faith befell me. It was at this point that I learned that in orange juice, one has no friends. What you have are people with similar goals and those with opposing goals. The sooner you learn this, the better your faith. What this means is that one moment I may be rooting for you to win and the next, well “you’re dead to me, kill him computer” 😀

We have all taken on different personas and play styles. All with one and only one common goal,to win.

How one wins at 100% is technically a simple process, but due to the randomness of the game and its players that task can be extremely difficult to achieve (plus I think the games rigged lol). The goal of the game is to collect 6 stars that surround your characters icon then reach your base with a quota of stars to win. Each base is represented by an orange slice that is coloured differently for each character. The game has two types of stars that are used to play. The standard ones that you earn as you play, win duels, or from the board.


Then you have the main stars around your characters head icon that I mentioned before. The main stars can be earned by either killing a certain quota of enemies or by collecting a specific amount of stars and then stopping at your base or landing on another player’s via a dice roll. Each main star you earn causes your quota to rise. The game board is also split into square tiles of different colours each colour representing an effect. The green ones give a player cards, the yellow gives stars, the blue takes stars and the purple randomly warps the player. The last tile to note is the red tiles that are battle cards. They let you battle an NPC character. Most of these NPCs are really weak, but on occasion they become bosses and their difficulty shoots through the roof.

OK so that’s the Jist of it. I hope I didn’t write too much/ too little, just enough Is what I was aiming for. So do you play 100% orange juice? Do you want to play 100% orange juice?  Well if you have the game come join us on our steam group and play with us. If you don’t have the game but want a copy then join our steam group and enter the competition we have going right now for a chance to get a copy of the game to play with us. 😉

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