TRPS #51: “Little Nemo: The Dream Master” (NES) w/ Allahweh

Despite my love for the NES, I never before this recent run played the game Little Nemo: The Dream Master. This fact should be even more surprising to those that know I love Capcom as a company, and this game came out when they were making very solid platforming experiences along the lines of Duck Tales and the Mega Man series. Yet, for whatever reason, I never picked this game up and never played it, but when my friend Warren suggested I give it a go on Twitch, this felt like a great idea.

The game has a great soundtrack and some interesting features, but in some ways I can see why this game never took off and did as well as Capcom‘s other ventures. As Warren and I joke, the game seems to have suffered in the QA department, with several bugs occurring as well as simply poor enemy placement that makes things almost unfairly hard in spots.

Regardless, this is a fun game and is worth playing, so I do hope you enjoy this run 🙂

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Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.

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