First Ever Nintendo Humble Bundle Sale!

Humble Bundle has been around for quite a while, letting gamers pay what they want for a bundle of games while supporting charity and giving a small bit of profit to the original developers. For the first time ever, Nintendo has made a Humble Bundle available, with up to $88 worth of games redeemable on the eShop for as little as $1. They are all indie titles, but if you haven’t played The Fall or Guacamelee!, the bundle is well worth it in my opinion.

If you pay $1, you will get:

  • Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition for Wii U
  • Woah Dave! for 3DS
  • Mighty Switch Force! for 3DS


If you “Beat the Average” ($9.25 when I wrote this article) you’ll get:
  • The Fall for Wii U
  • OlliOlli for Wii U & 3DS
  • Moon Chronicles Episode 1 for 3DS
  • ? (There will be more titles added to this tier as the sale progresses.)
$10 or more
  • Stealth Inc 2 for Wii U
  • SteamWorld Dig for Wii U and 3DS


You can check out the sale here, but before you go, there are two important things you should know. First, the good news. Each game has its’s own redeemable code, so you can share the bundle with a friend. You also get one code for 3DS, and one code for Wii U! Now the bad news. This bundle is region locked to North, Central, and South America except for Brazil. That’s a bummer, hopefully someday Nintendo will embrace region free gaming.

Now go enjoy some cheap Nintendo gaming goodness!


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