Game Review | Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live (2nd & 3rd Stage)

Short Version: If you’ve already read our review of the 1st Stage, then you’ve read this review already. There aren’t any big changes, other than more characters being featured in the songs and slightly more variety on the concert special effects. It’s still a good time and a bit more involved than other VR experiences out there.

Long Version: The more I think about Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live, the more I think how much better it is than other VR experiences out there. I remember complaining in my review of this game’s 1st stage, in which I mention how I would like this game be more of a fully-fledged rhythm game, but I never realized that it already was. This realization came to me as I was playing through the Japan-only Idolmaster: Viewing Revolution game, which can be defined as a bad and underwhelming version of VR Future Live. It wasn’t until I saw other people do VR idol concerts badly that made me realize how much Miku does things right.

Back to the Stage

These new pieces of DLC, 2nd Stage and 3rd Stage, are simple songs packs of the game that we currently know, but with the added bonus of more varied songs that feature more characters other than a vast majority of Miku and other momentary appearance by others. Of course, most of these songs can already be found in other Miku games like Project Diva X, but are still enjoyable to watch and wave your PS Move/Dualshock 4 controller to. By being successful in staying within the beat, you can unlock costumes and cooler special effects for the songs as you go along, which makes the game more involved that you’d think.

Seeing large chunks of colorful text and cues to sing along while having the freedom to move around the concert makes this for a unique experience that may not be possible in a regular concert. Unlike the aforementioned Idolmaster VR experience, VR Future Live actually knows their audience well. They know that people wish to play around in virtual reality without many restrictions, which is why they allow you to move around all over the stage, shake to the beat, play some small rhythm games, unlock cool stuff and even change the look of your controller into maracas, swords, tambourines and other stuff. It’s obviously not a game-changing thing, but it’s cute and gives the game more charm and identity, rather than other games that might not even bother with it, simply for the sake of realism or lack of vision.

I’m Really Feelin’ It!

In the end, I was pretty mild on VR Future Live at first, but as I kept coming back to it, the more I appreciated it for the small details that eventually accumulated into a product with charm, heart and an understanding of who they are selling this too. If you’re interested in this game, then I highly suggest grabbing the $39.99 Season Pass that contains everything, and try out the free demo before fully getting into it. Miku, it took a while for me to get convinced, but I guess you’ve done it again!

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