Every !So! often i feel like a kid again

Sitting here writing an update to my blog and looking around me, times sure have changed since I first started writing this blog. For one my environment sure has changed. Just the look of my room speaks change. Originally I had only 2 CRT monitors and a small desk, which got the job done mind you, but change is good. Now my desk is huge with two LCD screens and my old faithful (my first CRT). For those of you who have been reading my blog from back when I wrote on GT you know I mostly write these part by part as my time can tend to be uneven, but this time I’ll try to write this one in one sitting (I failed at that task) :(.

New Year’s 2013 has come and gone and boy did I get wasted (so not happening again). I like the good buzz once a year but that was a total different story. I hung out with my bros with booze fruit punch, a PS3 and Fifa 13 in the Blu-ray drive. The night began with us hanging by one of my good friends and BSP’s first guest Kadan. Hanging by kadan was ok but one could not get a proper fix on his sporadic Wi-Fi that’s seemed to hate our galaxy phones (android FTW). After trying and failing to keep a proper connection we decide that beers and poor Wi-Fi was not gonna cut it. We, myself and my bro Freaky Fridays host “Birdman” told kadan adieu and pressed on. With the night still open too many possibilities and my plan was to tweet while wasted.

We eventually stumbled over to Keron’s place where the drinking had already started and the music was exploding out the speakers. There we found Luke already drifting and smiling like a clown on crack and keron sitting on the floor hugging two big dogs. I had my real madrid mug at the ready and proceeded to fill it with booze and began sipping. Now for anyone who knows me I’m unable to sip drinks because of an insistent need to gobble down all food and drink #bottomlesspit. As the night went on I ended up wasted (as planned) laying on the couch laughing at Luke and Birdman as they tried to prove who was better at fifa. I eventually found myself home to meet my sister and her bf eating my curry that I had bought earlier that day and was saving it for a midnight snack. Hurt from the sight of seeing my beloved being devoured by those two I stumbled to my room to lay down. I still had booze though most was spilt on the way home. So I continued drinking which made me feel hungry so I grabbed a donut from the fridge and ate about ¾. My stomach could not deal with the horrid treatment I was passing its way, and so it retaliated. after I ended up by the sink throwing up like a drunk from the bar I told myself this was not worth the buzz …….January the 1st 2013 shall be my last time drinking like that.

The forth coming

the later half of 2012 became too hectic for even me, and so i put the forthlord studio on hold until i am able to properly manage it as well as maintain the podcast, tutor my students, do my pc/console repairs and maintain a healthy social life (ok maybe not the last one so much), but you get my drift. the studio is in no way closed and the goal remains the same. As soon as i have an update about it i will post it here……


oh how I love good tunage :) my current taste is an epic mix of indie rock, alternative and Electronica….. my favourites range from Imagine dragons – on top of the world (listening to now), to Radiohead’s – creep. Music as you might know is important to me and will continue to be so. here is this !So! often’s screens of my new playlist (faithful creation)


Even though I didn’t play as much as most gamers in 2012 I still had a fun year as a gamer, it’s not a competition after all. here’s a list of some of the game I completed this year:

Not much I know…..maybe i’ll play more this year.


Even though I didn’t play as much as I thought I would last year. I did watch a lot more tele than I thought I would. I found new love in series like Doctor who and sword art online. I ended my 2012 on the wonderful aftertaste of the doctor as I tried to watch out all the seasons before the christmas special (I failed). Doctor who is one of if not the most brilliant piece of tele that humans have ever made. the story is an engrossing one about a lonely time traveler that finds himself in a series of misfortunate incidents or maybe it’s fate. He always has a companion/s that kinda help give the overly eccentric doctor a human appeal. The doctor is not human after all even though he looks the part. He is in fact an alien from a race known as timelords (a race of 2 hearted time travelers). The story is one of deep mystery & adventure. even after watching 6 seasons of the show I still get surprises in each episode and crave more. I want to spoil more of the show for you but my conscience won’t allow me (as river would say “spoilers”;), so go and watch Doctor Who anyway you can. It is on netflix, BBC and i’m sure one can find it online in more ways that one.

the last centurion being a real badass “spoilers”

This is a list of some of the other shows that took me in during 2012

……………………………………………..there are some others but at the moment i can’t think of them.


An instagram picture of my lunch a manwich (man sized sandwich)


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