The journey begins….

Pokémon X and Y officially released on the E-shop today in my country (Trinidad and Tobago) and also most other US located regions. I have been waiting for this game for quite some time and the wait is finally over. I can’t count the amount of times I tried changing my region over the course of the day, from Australia to even US Zip codes that were maybe an hour ahead of mine. This of course did not work so I Had to wait till Midnight my time. It’s currently 1:24am as I am writing this little piece and boy am I still excited, maybe even more so than I was earlier. This is because the game is downloading very slow on my 5mb connection yeah I know super slow shit Sad smile but it’s all I have until I update my speed hopefully at the end of the month. Ok so how about I recap my day leading up to my adventure and hopefully the game is finished downloading by the time I finish writing. Open-mouthed smile

The morning started started pretty early for a simple bloke like me. I was woken by a phone call, it was my brother.

My brother: Hey bro we going for the thing ?

Me: What time is it ?

my brother: 8am, boy stop be lazy and let we go to the bank, or are you not going again?

Me:Grumble”, boy I have no money to travel you will have to pay for me. (this was of course a lie to get out of going because you see my brother is cheap and I know he will say no and go by himself)

My brother: Nah I don’t have enough for that, I’ll check and see if I can get it.

End of call.

It is at this point that I go back to Q? dream land probably dreaming of curry or my girlfriend or maybe both Winking smile as I lolled of to dream land. no more than half an hour had passed maybe only 15mins if I checked and my brother was banging on my window. It was my brother again.

Bro: bro you still sleeping, boy get out yuh bed.

Me: Grumble, you get through?

Bro: yeah I got the credit on my 3DS, boy It real easy. I really need to get me a credit card fast so I can get more.

Me: Yeah it’s real convenient plus you can use it to get all your cards.

Bro: So can you change the zip code for me now, I want to have my thing set so we can start playing at the same time later and I will beat you Smile with tongue out (the poor cheeky bastard doesn’t know what he’s saying )

Me: yeah, in what world. I shouldn’t do anything for you.

Bro: Oh god doh be on that (says random inside joke between brothers)

We both laugh and I get out of bed and open the window. I look at him and the sun light from outside hits my eyes. I squint from the horrible bright light a classic vampire (not that twilight crap).
Bro hands me his 3DS and I pick up my phone to get the proper zip code to allow him to purchase the game. it takes a while for me to find it but I do eventually. after I find the code I enter it into his 3DS and hand it back to him. he then proceeds to ask the obvious question of “did you put it in”. to which I sarcastically respond “no I just took you DS just to hold and look at it. He says our inside joke again and we both laugh. He then asks me if we can go by a friend of mine to get a memory card upgrade for the DS. I respond, “bro I doubt He will have any left because I bough the last one yesterday”. (this is of course another of my plans to get out of leaving the house that early), but this time he asked if we could call him just to find out first. I sigh and tell him to call. He gives me some B.S story about not having enough money on his phone (what a cheap skate I have for a brother). now normally I’d just use my phone no questions asked but I had used my phone the day before to make a call regarding a Con that we have to attend later today so I had no credit on my phone and so he had to use his. we called my friend who said he intact had a 16 gb card for $180. my bro said ok and so I relayed the message and we went and collected the card. when we got back home we configured the card so that we could install the game later.


Here I am watching the anime Fairy tail with my girl friend on netflix when my twitter goes off. I look down at my phone to see my bro’s tweet

well you can read the rest of the tweets yourself on twitter.

I then go back to watching anime with my girl, but highly mindful to keep an eye on the time, and as soon as the time changed to 12am I looked at my 3DS on my desk. not wanting to feel like a Tusty man I decide to wait a minute or two before grabbing the DS. After I had pleased my conscience I swiftly grabbed the 3DS from it’s base on my desk and went into the E-shop. where awaiting me to just click the purchase option was Pokémon Y.  Ok that’s about as far as I have arrived so far in Pokémon Y. follow my progress on my twitter and instagram.



if you have any of the games please feel free to share your progress in the comments below. Open-mouthed smile

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