Watch Parts 4-6 of “Ys Origin” in Preparation for the Finale!

As you may know, I’ve been doing a Let’s Stream series focusing on the awesome Action/RPG game Ys Origin, which is the first chronological game in Nihon-Falcom’s long running Ys series of games. Lately though, I’ve been hitting this game pretty hard, and now I have three gameplay videos to share with you so that you can catch up (if you want!) in time for the finale, which I haven’t set a date/time for yet.

This part focuses mainly on the Silent Sands portion of the tower.

Silent Sands is an interesting place, filled with puzzles and a few new enemy types. Here, we have to deal with some undead creatures, and we eventually figure out how to defeat them with the help of the goddesses. We also locate one of the goddesses when we travel to Rado’s Annex (a suspended area separated from the rest of the tower), though at this time we cannot break the seal that binds her in place.

Part 4 ends with the next boss fight just on the horizon.

After taking down the boss of Silent Sands, we find ourselves in Blighted Blood – a strange, sometimes otherworldly section of the tower. It is here that we finally meet up with Lord Dalles himself, who identifies himself as the leader of the “Darklings.” A trope, perhaps, but this doesn’t make him a very pleasant fellow. Yunica’s friends from the knights are all petrified by a powerful spell of Dalles’s, so Yunica has to set off to break the curse and free her friends.

After a boss against the annoying and yet very powerful Mantis, we ready ourselves for the Demonic Core area.

At last, we find ourselves in the upper floors of the tower. The enemies here are brutally powerful, and the only thing that saves us from death is the fact that I spent some time grinding up to level 44 prior to exploring most of the area. It is here that we face off with Dalles’s lackeys in some brutal fights. The girl from before goes down fairly easy, but Zava is not a push-over. Even though we manage to defeat her once and for all, Yunica faces the loss of one of her closest friends.

Will this loss fuel her rage so that she can defeat Dalles and his final lackey and restore order to Ys and the surface world?

I guess we will find out when it all wraps up! Stay tuned on Twitter for information about the final stream!

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