“Blood Knights” – A Fun Hack-n-Slash Vampire RPG!

Hey, look! It’s another one of those games that I had never heard of until it came in a bundle I bought a little while back. Are you surprised? Well, given my gaming habits lately, you certainly shouldn’t be!

Blood Knights is a hack-n-slash action-RPG from Deck 13 that was released back in November 2013. It seems to be a bit dividing as it has “Mixed” feedback on Steam, but having dug into it for a good bit I can say that while it’s not a perfect game, it’s definitely a fun one. I’d say that it’s sort of like a mix of Diablo and the Torchlight games, with a little RPG peppered in (say, a very light influence from stuff like Demonicon: The Dark Eye). The game is set sometime in the Middle Ages and your main character is a renowned knight and vampire slayer, head of a company of vampire slayers who are at war with the various clans.

In the first chapter of gameplay, we get bound to a vampiress, using her power to augment our own. Yet, things end up going terribly wrong after we defeat the leader of our enemies, who ends up using the last of her power to turn us into a vampire ourselves. Our own friends turn on us, kicking us down into a large abyss and forcing us to find out way out and back towards civilization. Naturally, our journey picks up in Romania, where we seek out the new leader of our vampire hunting company, wanting to get the curse on us reversed. Things are not what they seem to be though in Romania, and the countryside is filled with bandits, thieves, and terrible creatures. Even the town of Godskeep won’t let us in. Still, not everyone completely distrusts us and we even find a merchant who is willing to give us advice and sell us weapons and items.

So far, I’m really enjoying the game – I hope you like this one too!

Stay tuned – more fun is on the way!

Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.