30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE! (DAY 15): Favorite Animal/Non-Human Side Character


DAY 15:  Favorite Animal/Non-Human Side Character


This is actually an easy one.


The moment I saw this question, I immediately thought:


Pikachu, from The Pokemon Series

Honestly, do I have to explain why?

Other than the fact that it’s Pikachu?  THE Pikachu?  Ash’s constant companion throughout the entire Pokemon series?  MY CHILDHOOD?

Seriously though, this guy deserves all the credit he can get:  he endured Ash’s trash-style training methods, was the receiving end of multiple kidnapping attempts from Team Rocket, was subjected to multiple forms of abuse throughout every region (so far), and has even developed amnesia at one point, among MANY other things (seriously give this guy a bottle of Heinz ketchup).

Pikachu, as explained in the wikia, is an anomaly to the the traditional average Pikachu species in terms of strength, having shown time and time again that he can rumble with the strongest Pokemon, being able to go toe to toe with the likes of Mega Lucario, multiple different Raichus, Serperior, and even fcking REGICE, just to name a few.

His loyalty is pretty commendable too, as seen when he stuck with a trainer like Ash all these years, being Ash’s only standing companion throughout his journey through different regions.  That’s commitment for ya.  He also adapted to multiple situations effectively, being able to learn complex moves and combinations to utilize in battle.

Honestly, there’s so much to love about this long-standing companion that essential brought in generation after generation of kids to Pokemon, while also being the marquee character for the franchise itself.  Just one look at that cute face of his and you can probably see the reason behind his popularity that hasn’t declined in the slightest.

Now, I wanna know who your favorite non-human sidekick is.  Is it another Pokemon?  Or a Digimon?  It’s totally possible.  I won’t judge, don’t worry.

See you guys in Day 16!