Desu ne! Isekai Ojisan (Uncle from Another World) Review

Every year there seems to be a flood of new anime. From crunchyroll to Netflix, all spoilt for choice, right? However, despite all this abundance, most fail to match the stuff of yesteryears. Of course, this comes from that oh-so-high pedestal of the experienced anime fan. We’ve seen it all, answered calls with Moshi Moshi and have our fair share of waifus or bandos. So when a series comes along and impresses, well that’s a reason to celebrate. So desu ne! Isekai Ojisan (Uncle from Another World) is one such anime. While serving to answer the age-old question of what happens to an Isokai MC after returning to their world, it also offers up a healthy amount of “slice of life” goodness in the form of the blossoming relationship of two other characters.

The anime initially picks up 17 years after the MC gets into an accident, goes into a coma and gets transferred to a magical world. Upon his recovery, he finds his nephew, Takafumi Takaoka, preparing to ship him off to a care home. Not wanting to endure such a fate, Ojisan (Uncle) does the only thing he can and attempts to cast magic. His logic is that it should impress Takfumi enough to help him. Speaking a strange language and waving his hands unfortunately achieves the opposite. This is the real world after all. A world not unlike our own but then a gust of wind lifts the items on the table near the bed, changing everything. Why the change? He said his spell in Japanese instead of the language from the alternative world. Spells work when used in the language of the world you inhabit.

Upon witnessing the unimaginable marvel, Takafumi does the only logical thing. He takes in his uncle, helps him set up a YouTube channel and milks that magic for what it’s worth. The two men quickly come upon Takafumi’s childhood friend and love interest, Sumika Fujimiya and the train finally pulls out of the station. This entire plot thus far consists of Sumika and Takafumi bingeing Ojisan’s memories from his life in the other world like a good Netflix series. It all involves your healthy amount of romantical interests and good old adventure for good measure. During their escapades, we learn more about Ojisan and his love for SEGA while seeing the budding of what could be something sweet between Sumika and Takafumi.

While writing this review, Netflix only has seven episodes with a planned season of 13 episodes. Each brimming with more trepidation than the last. Similar to the characters binging Ojisan’s memories, you may find yourself doing the same with this series. The very likeable characters with engaging plots offer more than enough incentive. Desu ne! Isekai Ojisan (Uncle from Another World) is also well voice acted and has a nice bit of nerdy fanservice. As for the art style, it effortlessly portrays the disparity between Ojisan and the people of the other world. Even in his 20s, he looks like a 60-year-old. In contrast, all the other characters look stunning. It’s especially true when considering Ojisan’s main romantic interest, the Tsundere Elf.

Final Verdict

I binged Isekai Ojisan in a single morning and though I feel a bit guilty, I’m oh-so-happy I did. Its refreshing take on the Isokai theme is a huge selling point and that’s not all. Top of the poll is that splendid slice of life goodness brought on by the romantical hijinx of the cast and we’re here for all of it. Sumika and Elf are so likeable while Ojisan and Takafumi supply the humour with their obliviousness towards their romance while being inspirationally profound with others.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Netflix and begin the Binge of Uncle from Another World!

Qudduws Campbell

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