Favorite Goofy Anime Character


DAY 21:  Favorite Goofy Anime Character

Hirasawa Yui, from K-On!

Probably the ultimate moe airhead, Yui is the klutzy, energetic guitarist for Hokago Tea Time.  Cheerful, happy-go-lucky, and kinda naive (ok maybe a little bit more than “kinda”) are just some of Yui’s main characteristics, but honestly it’s her wackiness that really makes her my favorite goofy character.

Yui can be really random most of the time, usually mentioning or doing irrelevant things out of the blue, especially when sweets or cute things are involved.  She has a below-average attention span and won’t focus on the task at hand unless she’s really motivated…….or when sweets or cute things are involved (I’m seeing a trend here).  Additionally, she’s the kind of person who throws away manuals and instead relies on her own intuition when it comes to things.

But those things don’t matter, cuz Yui is a highly-talented musician with perfect pitch who can REALLY do well when required and who likes girly things A LOT.


Also she’s hella cute.

Yeah, I know my reasoning isn’t too logical, but bear with me.  You don’t really have to explain much when your favorite goofy character is as cute and talented as Yui.

See you guys in Day 22!