Netflix to Produce “Legend of Zelda” Show!


On Friday (February 6) it was announced that Netflix was going to be taking on the challenge of developing a live-action show based on Nintendo’s exceptionally-popular Legend of Zelda franchise. Not many details were provided, however, other than that the show might be like a “family-friendly version of Game of Thrones.” No clues were let slip as to whether the show would focus on a particular game or set of games, or whether each season would be related, etc.

Personally, I would have each season focus on a particular game or “generation” of games in the franchise, and then eventually draw them all together somehow. I think it could potentially end up being really interesting to take that approach to a much wider story.

Hopefully Netflix will manage to pull this off, but they have a lot working against them. In particular is the fact that the Zelda franchise is so well-established and people are so used to the games and official manga that it is going to be a huge undertaking to create a representation of the story and universe that fans will be able to accept and get behind. Possible? Yes. Difficult? Most definitely.

I’m excited to see how this pans out, but let’s just hope for now it doesn’t go the way of the Castlevania movie…

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