“Zelda: Flow of Time (Remastered)” — Awesome Fan-Game!

In the world of Zelda Classic, there are a ton of different games to try that have been released over the last 15+ years. Yet, not all games are created equal, but some of them are true gems that would rival an official Nintendo product. Believe me, I know: I’ve played through quite a few of these games and it takes a while to find one that is really worth sitting down and working your way through.

The Legend of Zelda: Flow of Time was first released back in 2011 by Obderhode and was a brand-new adventure in a continent far to the west of Hyrule that was done in the style of the Oracle games. In October of 2014, Obderhode released a remastered version that he said was truer to what he originally intended for the game. A lot of bugs were fixed, the graphics were remodeled and fine-tuned, and quite a few other elements were adjusted to make the overall experience much better.

So far, I find that the game is rich in detail and story, has excellent gameplay, and a very well-designed overworld. Also, the first dungeon (featured in this video), The Swamp Well, is very complex and requires a good bit of thought to get through. I love the mechanism of draining water to advance and the fact that you need to visit the cave system around the dungeon to find special entrances in order to get through them.

If you are interested in downloading this to try f or yourself, head this way.

In any event, stay tuned – this is one game I do plan to play a fair bit of (and hopefully complete!) for you guys! 🙂

Jessica Brown

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve always wondered about the quality of these non-canonical games. I’m wondering if you’ve played any good ones in the style of Link to the Past? I’ve enjoyed about half the video, but I paused because Im considering playing it myself. I appreciate you bringing one of the better versions of these fan made games to light.

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