“Zelda: Flow of Time” Continues?!

Yeah, yeah…I know I said that I was likely going to be letting this one go, but after mentioning in the third video that I’d likely be giving up on this one, a subscriber named MagesGuild really tried to encourage me to continue. What’s more, Obderhode, the developer of this game itself, commented a few times and gave me a bunch of pointers and said they really liked my playthrough of the game. So, with all of that, I figure it’s only fair for me to take another look at it and press on a bit more! 🙂

As I pick up in this segment, I use the tips given by Obderhode and defeat the mini-boss of Treasure Grave, snag the Boss Key, and then take on the boss. I miscalculate the fact that I likely needed magic to defeat it, but it was a close battle and I manage to pull off a victory. With three of the Aurora Stones, we are told to head to Dhona Village, south of the graveyard, to seek out the Tower of Time and a harp that is hidden within. However, the mayor tells us that the key was snuck out of the village, and then we find out that it was stolen by a strange Robed Man, who we track down back to the area near Crater Cove. After managing to finally defeat him, we head back to the tower and work our way to the top, grabbing the Harp hidden there. Then, finally, we explore the overworld a bit more with our new found time-traveling ability and head to Death Mountain, where the fourth dungeon awaits us next time!

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