Tales of Zestiria head to PC

Tales of zestiria PC

The Tales of JRPGs Franchise has never been exclusive to one platform.

This is probably largely related to the fact that there is no continuation between most of the Tales of games, and thus the developers at Namco bandai have had no reason to keep the games on one particular platform. This has resulted in one of to most scattered game franchises ever. Tales of Abyss was on 3DS/PS2 while Hearts R was PS Vita exclusive. Similarly other games in the franchise are on numerous other consoles  and in most cases they are exclusive to that particular system.

It should be noted however that though the Tales of games have been available on most platforms including mobile. They have never been available on PC, well until now. Tales of Zestiria will be the first Tale of game to make it’s way to the platform via Steam on October 20 2015. At the moment the announcement notes states that this release information applies specifically to those in Europe, Middle-East, and Australasia, but I would like to assume that North America will also get the game. I mean it is digital and already translated in English.

Oh and word of advice to Namco bandai; “DO NOT release this game region specific, because like Xenoblade chronicle “IT WILL BE PIRATED“.

Tales of Zestiria is not the JRPG to be made available for PC and with the way things are looking I’m sure many more are set to follow. Who knows we may get FF15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 next. Keep those fingers crossed.


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