Have you seen the Nightwing Web series?

nightwing webseries


Youtube channel Ismahawk have followed in the footsteps of other Youtubers like freddie Wong and created a high quality web series the likes of which can rival almost any series current/ previously available on Tele.

The series they’ve created is based on the popular DC comic book character, Nightwing. It stars Danny Shepherd, who pulls off a pretty convincing Dick Grayson, Lenna Karacostas as Barbara Gorden, Scott Kinworthy as Bruce wayne, and Bob Lee Dysinger who plays the role of the main baddy, Death Stroke.

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The series only spans 5 short episodes, but it manages to capture the true essence of characters from the DC universe better than many others before it have with more episodes and possibly bigger budgets. Danny’s version of Nightwing reminded me so much of the version from 2004’s The Batman cartoon. He’s gritty, angry, arrogant and witty all at the same time. The other actors also pulled off very convincing versions of their characters, and there were even some very interesting cameos like one of Kinda funny’s Greg Miller in the first episode.



After watching this one I think it’s really clear that web series like Nightwing are proof that we don’t need big networks anymore, well at least not in the same way as we once did. They show that it is quite possible to make high quality tele series thanks to Youtube, and the availability of more high quality movie creating tools to the public.
If you like comic books or have a passion for superhero movies then you owe it to yourself to see this one. It’s short, sweet, and did I mention completely free?

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