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OK before we begin, I’m answering the most asked questions that people tend have about this particular game. After that we’ll focus on the details of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 LITE.

Disclaimer: This game does have microtransactions, and as such is not appropriate for anyone who isn’t an adult.

Question 1: Is there Career Mode, Master League, etc in this game? The answer is 100% NO. This game only has myClub and a limited Exhibition Mode mode found in the DEMO.

Question 2: Is it free? Yes, this is free to download and play, but keep in mind it does have free to play elements.

Question 3: What teams are in the Exhibition Mode? As it’s the same as the DEMO, the teams are Barcelona, Schalke, Liverpool, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Monaco, Sao Paulo, Flamengo, Palmeiras, Colo-Colo, Argentina and France.

Question 4: How big is the game? On the PS4 it took up about 33 GB.

Question 5: Can you use import files? Yes, yes you can.

Question 6: Can I play local multiplayer in Exhibition? Yes

PS Plus is required

So shall we talk about the game in more detail now?

Last year I praised Konami for having the kahunas to make myClub free to play. This year they’ve followed that up with the launch of PES 2019 LITE for the PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE. If you haven’t seen my PES 2019 review yet, then I urge you to check it out as soon as you’re finished with this one, (and don’t worry I’ll include a reminder for you at the end).

PES 2019 is a great game, but Konami butched the launch thanks to lack of timely communication, leaving the Steam version sitting on a mostly negative rating for quite some time. It’s currently rated mixed and hopefully it will gain mostly positive as the previous game has, because I think the game is worth it. Again let me reiterate, the reason for a majority of the negative reviews it received was for lack of proper communication concerning bugs, not that the game in of itself is bad.

The publisher has a second chance to win back players with this version of their flagship footy series, so how have they used that opportunity?

One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that people love FREE. You slap free on a rock, and suddenly everyone wants a rock. Slapping free on a game like PES does the same thing. PES 2019 LITE offers players the full engine and rooster of players available in their main game. The only real exclusion is the omission of most none myClub modes, and that’s quite the deal if you ask me.

Visually the game looks just as good as the full version of PES 2019, and that’s because it is PES 2019, just stripped down a bit. The main focus for this is of course myClub, Konami’s fantasy football mode. This year the publisher has slightly added to the options on offer, but again, myClub is the focus. If you’re a player looking for a single player experience then buy the full game, if all you care about is myClub then get PES 2019 LITE.

The included options we’ve gotten this year include the offline exhibition matches from the DEMO, Edit and skill training. These additions are mainly for enhancing the myClub experience. You can use the skill training and Exhibition mode to earn GP, and the edit option allows for patching in kits, team names and more. They basically bolster the primary mode but don’t distract from it. Once you leave these side dishes and jump into the main course, you gain access to that mode in its entirety.

The Full myClub Experience

In myClub you begin with a scrub team and attempt to build the best squad possible. When you begin you choose you nation, manager, and a team kit. From there you are given one loan player and a team filled with lower rated players. You must then acquire new players to build the team you want. Acquiring new players can be done in one of two ways. Players can either use Agents or Scouts to acquire new players.


The Agent system allows players to use in-game currency called GP or paid currency called myClub Coins for the chance of getting players at random. The odds for getting each class of player is showed to you before using the agent. After the odds are shown, a list of all the players acquirable by the agent is shown, and only then are you able to use the agent.



Using 1 and 3 Scouts between you’re able to narrow down you chances of getting the exact player you want. One Scout are acquired after every match or they can be via the auctions house using GP. The Auction House is run by Konami, so you can’t trade or sell scouts you don’t want to other players. Unwanted scouts can instead be exchanged for GP, but at a set rate based on their rank.

Building Your Team

Once a player is acquired, that player can be be either used in your team, turned into a trainer for other players, exchange for GP, or traded. To trade players you will require 3 duplicates of that player. Trades allow you to choose one player of the same grade as the traded player. Players also have different versions and these versions don’t count as duplicates, which sucks when you’re like me and have multiple versions of the same player. What you end up have to do in this situation is use them as trainers if they’re featured duplicates, because they don’t repeat, or at least they haven’t so far.

Yes I got Messi

After you have a team you like, then you can start tackling ranked, single, and multiplayer challenges. You’re also able to play friendly matches, and co-op. Players will also be able to compete in the PES LEAGUE. This will also allow players to qualify for global events by participating in CO-OP (3v3) ONLINE Championships, and time limited tournaments.

PES 2019 LITE also has the same training system and other systems available in the main game. Players can be trained to improve their base stats, learn new skills, and to become better in positions they have affinity for. In short this is exactly the same myClub experience from PES 2019. From featured players to weekly gifts and promotions, it’s all here.

Final Verdict

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 LITE is pretty much the same as what we got last year from Konami. What I mean is that it’s a trimmed down version of the popular football franchise. It’s not a game for players looking for a single player experience, or the ability to play as their favorite teams. It’s a game for people who want a multiplayer fantasy football experience wrapped in a solid football simulator. If you have a PS4, PC or XBOX ONE and want that kind of experience then download it, its free. If not, and you prefer more of a personal experience and access to a large catalog of teams and leagues then consider the full version of PES 2019.

You can find details on PES 2019 in our review of that version of the game, and if you want more coverage of PES throughout then I suggest checking out 868Lpgardian on YouTube.

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