Daredevil Season 2 delivers Punishment to Netflix

Last year Netflix kick-started their new partnership with Marvel Studios with a bang, reviving one of the most influential yet highly overlooked heroes of the Marvel Universe, Daredevil.

As Wilson Fisk staked his claim on Hell’s Kitchen, Mathew Murdock, blinded by a tragic accident when he was a child, takes to vigilantism in an effort to free his city from under the boot of organized crime. Dawning the classic horned red garb by season’s end Daredevil managed to face his own personal demons and take down Fisk but not all of the criminals have been duly punished. Enter Daredevil Season 2

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen returns to Netflix as his city once again brought under siege by the criminal element along with a few new, familiar faces. John Bernthal and Elodie Yung join the cast this season as comic book favorites Frank Castle aka the Punisher and Elektra respectively. As gang violence spikes and the city once again prepares to go to war, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil must not only face off against The Punisher, who may not be that different from himself, but also guard himself against whatever danger Elektra has brought waltzing back into his life. One can only hope Matt and his team at the Nelson and Murdock law firm can survive the coming conflict and make it out in one piece. Excited yet? I know I am!

If you aren’t caught up yet now would be a great time to start. Stay tuned to The Buttonsmashers for my review of Marvel’s Daredevil season 2.

Adrian Moses

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