Harmonix Using Crowd Funding to Get Rock Band 4 on PC

Rock Band 4 PC

Last week the prestigious music game developer Harmonix launched a crowd funding campaign on Fig crowd funding platform to help raise the funds needed to port their most recent game, Rock Band 4 to the PC.

This is a means of gauging whether of not PC gamers actually want this type of game, and with the platform becoming more and more appealing to developers thanks to the advancements of steam it’s not wonder that Harmonix would want test the waters. Most recently developers like NIS America and Namco Bandai have been porting their titles to the PC with varying success. When in previous years they didn’t even consider the PC as a viable market.

If the Campaign is successful, it will be a big step for Harmonix and the Rock Band franchise. According to Harmonix, if the game is funded they are aiming for a release later this year.
The PC port is supposed to allow for user generated content thanks to the steam workshop, with no fees and less overhead than their previous Rock Band Network tool, allowing those who wish to make and sell their music in the game to do so with relative ease.

The PC version of Rock Band 4 will have ALL the same content and features as the console versions currently do:

  • World Tour Campaign Mode
  • Freestyle Guitar Solos
  • 65 songs included “out of the box” – and you can get up to 33 additional songs if you back us here on Fig!
  • 1700+ additional playable songs available as downloadable content
  • Supporting wireless guitar controller, drum kit and next generation microphone
  • For more information, full song list and complete specifications, please visithttp://www.rockband4.com
In addition:
  • Tools to author your own songs for play in the PC version of Rock Band 4 – submit them to Rock Band Network via Steam Workshop and share with the rest of the Rock Band 4 PC community!
  • Mouse and computer keyboard support for menu navigation
  • All feature and content updates from the console game.  Rock Band 4 on the PC will have all of the updates released prior to its launch, and will continue to be updated alongside the console versions moving forward.


If you’d like to no more about the Campaign then use the following link https://goo.gl/y0wTTC

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