Pokemon Go! Guide to Leveling

maxresdefault (1)As Pokemon Go! continues its global roll out – finally making it to my own region just over a week ago – millions are taking to the streets with phone in had to hunt for Pokemon, find Pokestops and concur gyms. All in good fun of course.

There are still quite a few countries awaiting the official release of the game but the popularity of the game has already exceeded the expectations of Niantic, Nintendo and fans alike. For players who are just getting started or who may be new to Pokemon on a whole – there are quite a few of you out there. We’re so proud – here are a few tips to get you a couple levels and really into the game.

Guide to Leveling

1. Save up Stardust

For every Pokemon you catch you gain Stardust and Candies which can be used to power up your Pokemon. Don’t waste it. It’s a good idea to stockpile as much stardust as you can to power up a preferred Pokemon later on when you’re at a higher level.

2. Find a Pokestop

The first thing you should do after creating your character and catching your starter is locate the nearest Pokestop. Not only do they give you valuable items such as Pokeballs and Eggs you also get XP every time you use one.

3. Use a Lucky Egg and a Lure (or Incense)

Lures and Incense can be used to attract Pokemon to you, though Lures can only be used on Pokestops. If you use a Lucky Egg all XP will be double for a half hour so the more Pokemon you catch the more XP. Since you can use the Pokestop to refill on Pokeballs I suggest you catch anything that comes your way.

4. Evolve all those extra Pokemon between catching Pokemon

You gain 500XP for every Pokemon you evolve and 1000XP if its a new evolution to you. Now double that with the effect of a Lucky Egg and you’ll be leveling in no time. Those super common Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie only take 12 Candies to evolve. That’s an evolution every four you catch and at least 1000XP per evolution.

If you try a single Lucky Egg, it can get you at least two levels in half and hour. Its a really good idea to try and gain a few early levels as the fun doesn’t really start until you hit level 5 when you are allowed to choose a team and begin taking on gyms. A higher level also means you have a better chance of encountering stronger and more interesting Pokemon.

If Pokemon Go! isn’t out in your country yet, its only a matter of time. With the release of the Pokemon Plus having been pushed back to the end of September, global release is expected to be completed before hand.

We all – finally – live in a Pokemon World. Grab your phone, a few friends and go have some fun and above all else stay safe.

Adrian Moses

A massive biggest One Piece fan who just wants to spend his days on a world adventure.