Mirrors Edge Catalyst Joins The EA Access Growing Catalog



I’ve had EA Access with Xbox live Gold for about 3 months so far, and within that time I have already begun to see the benefits to having this subscription service. There are many EA Games that I certainly wouldn’t buy at full price due to either my already packed schedule or me not having enough interest in them to make the plunge, but with EA Access I’ve been building my Xbox library in slow increments, while at the same time finding some gems I would not have played otherwise.



One of the newest to gems to join my collection is Mirrors Edge Catalyst, along with the Mass Effect Trilogy. Between the two, the Mass Effect Trilogy consist of the better games; however, the versions you get are the XBOX 360 versions, and they do not come with their DLC. For a game like Mass Effect, the DLC are important, especially for the second and third games. I won’t go in to details why to avoid spoiling the game for anyone that somehow has not played this series yet, but lets just say that the games with their DLC are like night and day compared to them without the DLC.


Oh and did I mention that some of the Mass Effect DLC ain’t cheap, especially after you add up their overall cost for all the games. Hence the reason I recommend getting Mirrors Edge. If you’re not like me and playing the ME series without the additional content that makes the games exponential better, then get the Trilogy as well. you’re paying for it with Access so why not.

If the recommendations I just mentions don’t tickle your fancy, worry not. There are lots of other great games on EA Access, so if you have an Xbox One. It’s worth it.

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