tinyBuild Releases First Party Hard 2 Alpha

Fans of Party Hard rejoice. Today tinyBuild GAMES released a Alpha build of the next entry in that particular franchise. The Alpha contains one test level to gauge how players like the game mechanics and new 2D, 3D-ish visuals.

About Alpha 1

  • Taking place at a club party location, the Alpha 1 shows players some of the new gameplay mechanics being developed for Party Hard 2.
    Player are no longer required to kill all targets at the party. Instead, there are pre-determined targets. Stealthy players will want to hide bodies and beat the level perfectly without getting spotted.
  • The new Party Vision ability allows to see interactive objects within the scene.
  • Insta-Kill is a rechargable ability that instantly takes out multiple targets in a small area.
  • Players will be able to carry up to 3 extra items (in addition to the knife) with them. For example, you can carry a gas canister onto the dance-floors and light it up.

For those wondering if they qualify to play the Alpha, worry not. The Alpha is free for everyone on the games website: http://partyhard.game/

If you like the Alpha you can also support the development of the game by Pre-Ordering Party Hard 2, and Future Alphas. Future Alphas will be paid following the Hello Neighbor model.

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