Disgaea 5 Complete Launches In EU Today For The Nintendo Switch

Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch™ is now available in Europe as both a physical and digital release. NIS America released a launch trailer for the EU region showing off just how amazing Disgaea 5 Complete looks on everyone’s favorite new handheld console. The Publisher have already released the game earlier this week to NA gamers, so now it’s time for the EU to get their chance with the highly praised SRPG.

About Disgaea 5 Complete
The central story of the game is centred on the idea of “revenge”. The evil demon emperor Void Dark devastates numerous Netherworlds after coming to power, with the help of an army of over one million soldiers known as The Lost. Following this, the Overlords of the Netherworlds under Void Dark’s rule attempt to rise up and take revenge.

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