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6 months ago we reviewed Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star for the PlayStation 4. In that Review we concluded that the plot is a bit overly cumbersome to the point that it may confuse newcomers to the Fate franchise, but the combat, voice acting and the characters should appease most if not all players. The game is now available for Switch and PC via steam, and it’s basically the same game we covered for PS4, and so I strongly recommend checking out our previous review, as there is no reason for me to reiterate what was already covered. Instead I’d like to use this review to show gameplay from both new versions, while covering what you get with the game.

Fate/EXTELLA features a diverse cast of 16 playable “Servants” – ancient warriors of legend and imagination, always at the beck and call of their Masters – who survived the Holy Grail War that took place on the Moon. In a future watched over by the all-powerful lunar supercomputer, “Moon Cell Automaton,” these champions now battle for dominance over this digital realm, known as “SE.RA.PH.” The story takes place after the events described in Fate/EXTRA, and depicts the world as it appears following that previous Holy Grail War. Fans of the Fate/stay night anime series should feel right at home with all of this, while the rest of us should probably check the games encyclopedia immediately after launching the game.

Players will experience the story of Fate/EXTELLA from the independent perspectives of the three factions wrestling for control over SE.RA.PH. and face off against foes from a variety of Fate productions in fast-paced combat, including characters from Fate/EXTRA, Fate/stay night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order. A new form change battle mechanic called Moon Crux debuts in this entry to match its series-first gameplay style, transforming the player-controlled Servants and granting them considerable powers that allow them to devastate enemies and take formidable challenges head-on. All versions of the game contain the original Japanese voices and English text, with the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC versions additionally featuring game text in Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean.

These versions launch alongside a new Unshackled Bride outfit and over 30 previously-released paid DLC costumes that can set you back more than $50. That’s more than the base game.

As for the look, and performance it’s quite impressive. The PC version is what you’d expect with hundreds of enemies on screen 60 fps, and zero slow down. As for the switch, well that’s where it’s surprisingly. The game looks almost indistinguishable on Nintendo’s platform unless you’re looking at both versions side by side. It’s amazing how good it looks and performs on the platform, especially with so many enemies on screen at once.

Final Verdict

This rerelease is just an option for those that didn’t get the game on PS4 or PS Vita. It’s not a new game or an upgrade, it’s a port for players who own either a Switch or PC. The Nintendo Switch version is available via Nintendo eShop and at retail stores for MSRP $59.99. While the Windows PC version of the game is available via Steam as a standalone digital release for $49.99, €49.99, and £39.99.

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