PES 2018 gamescom Trailer Shows Off Quite A lot of what We Can Expect This Year

The weeks are counting down, and we’re getting more and more excited for Konami’s PES 2018. The publisher added more fuel to our excitement fire this week with their new gamescom Trailer which shows off gameplay, as well as some of the teams available in the game. No sign of my favorite club yet, but if the PC version lives up to what Konami promised then we’ll be patching them in thanks to the always present mod support when the game hits the pitch on September 12th in NA, and September 14th in EU/AS.

PES 2018 will be available for PS4, XBOX ONE, and PC (Steam). There will be legacy versions of the game on PS3, and XBOX 360 for those who have no made the switch to current gen yet.

Qudduws Campbell

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