Swery Announces His New Game-And It May Be The Strangest Yet

In a live countdown at PAX West, Swery, the creator of cult classic games Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die just announced and launched a crowdfunding campaign for his new game The Good Life. His studio, The White Owl, will be developing this debt repayment life simulation RPG. It’s part murder mystery, part life simulation where all the townspeople operate on a 24-hour life schedule, and at night, under the moonlight, they take to the streets as cats.

There is a crowdfunding campaign going live right now at Fig where Swery is trying to raise $1.5M to complete the game. Fig allows backers to pay for traditional rewards, or, invest in the game and share in its financial success. PC and PS4 at first…depending upon success levels, and there will be  Nintendo Switch stretch goal.

In a further surprise announcement, Swery announced he will be collaborating with his one time rival and creator of the Panzer Dragoon franchise, Yukio Futatsugi! Futatsugi’s team at Grounding, Inc. will help Swery bring his vision to life much faster. Please excuse the grainy picture, but I think you can see the joy of these two industry legends at the prospect of working together.


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