Monster Hunter: World PS4 Beta Has Us Excited For the Launch

We’re less than a month away from getting our paws on the next Monster Hunter entry, Monster Hunter: World for the PS4, XBOX ONE and PC, and this weekend we got a better look at the game during it’s Beta.

As a hunter, you’ll take on quests to hunt monsters in a variety of habitats. Take down these monsters and receive materials that you can use to create stronger weapons and armor in order to hunt even more dangerous monsters.

Once every decade, elder dragons trek across the sea to travel to the land known as the New World in a migration referred to as the Elder Crossing.To get to the bottom of this mysterious phenomenon, the Guild has formed the Research Commission, dispatching them in large fleets to the New World. As the Commission sends its Fifth Fleet in pursuit of the colossal elder dragon known as Zorah Magdaros, one hunter is about to embark on a journey grander than anything they could have ever imagined.

Graphically the game looks stunning. From the individual animated hairs, and feathers on the monsters to the plants and characters. It looks so good that we almost can’t wait for it’s release, almost. Monster Hunter: World Releases for PS4 and XBOX ONE on January 26, 2018. We’re still eagerly awaiting the PC release date.

Qudduws Campbell

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