Konami Lose UEFA Licence For PES

It’s a sad day for fans of the Konami football franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer. It’s an even worse day for the football fan. A couple days ago the publisher/Developer announced that they will no longer have the rights to UEFA representation in their game. UFEA claims that they will continue to work with Konami in the future, but they’ve only cited their National Football teams as the only option currently available to future PES Games.

What a nice way to write a breakup letter

With EA – (Electronic Arts​) dominating the rest of the football scene with their FIFA series, could this is likely to be the final nail in the coffin for PES? FIFA fans may be celebrating due to the possibility of the UEFA Leagues in their game, but should they? It’s true that having the Champions League in FIFA 19 would be pretty cool. However, no matter how appealing it may be, monopolies are never good for the consumers in the long run.

Fans are already complaining about EA not listening to the fans, and that FIFA 18 is dead already due lack of updates, terrible gameplay, issues with FUT and so much more. If EA get the Champions League they’ll likely win an even larger piece of the virtual footy pie.

Do you think there will be any change to the status quo?

No, why would they. I made a video related to the absurdity of fans supporting FIFA in it’s current state and expecting change, and it’s probably gonna get worse if they get then the UFEA licence.



Those who feel wronged by EA may later be swayed with the announcement of FIFA 19. Why? Well with the UEFA Licence no longer with Konami it’s logical to assume that EA will snatch it up. Sadly the possibility is also high that by January they’ll be complaining about the same issues they had with FIFA 18.

Without the Champions League PES 2019 may not be as appealing a package as PES 2018 was. Add to that, if they fail to gain more licences they’ll likely lose more ground to EA. Cursed to fade out like MLB 2K did to MLB The Show.

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