N1RV Ann-A pours another round of cyberpunk bartending action

Building on the success of VA11 HALL-A, Sukeban Games will release a new chapter in the cyberpunk bartending action series. Unlike the seedy bar in Glitch City we grew to love, this time our setting is Saint Alicia, an idyllic tourist paradise with an upscale bar called N1RV Ann-A. But opulence and extravagance are merely smokescreens: the artificial island hides a seedy underbelly. Its dystopian economy touches all aspects of life as bar patrons contend with mafia extortion, human trafficking and other sordid crimes.

Our new bartender is named Sam. Her relationship with her partner Leon, who moonlights as a Yakuza, is on the rocks as she works hard to care for their 8-year-old son, Tony.

Is their relationship dead in the waters of the caribbean sea? Or will love prevail in the unnatural city?

What I enjoyed playing the demo at PAX West was the new upscale setting in a new city in the same world as VA11 Hall-A, as well as new characters to interact with as a new bartender. There are a lot more drink recipes and customizations available, as well as new conversation tones to choose from. All of these additions will make for an exciting new round of cyberpunk bartending action. I’ll have to wait until 2020 to play this on my Switch at my favorite dive bar, but you can also play it on PC or PlayStation 4. Good luck dragging those two versions to your favorite watering hole, though.

Tim Bledsoe

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