XPLORA 4 Improves on it’s Predecessors

If You’ve read our XPLORA 3s review then you know that we think it’s a great product for child safety and communication, but we hoped for some specific improvements with the next model from XPLORA. Well the company answered our prays and launched the XPLORA 4.

XPLORA 4 is newest model and flagship of the XPLORA family. After the successes of XPLORA 1, XPLORA 3s and XPLORA GO. It stays true to their formula: a phone for children, shaped like a watch. Although it might resemble as smartwatch, this is something quite different. Lacking traditional access to features such as the Internet and social media – of which neither were made for children. It gives complete control over what your child can do and who they can communicate with.

The location module in XPLORA 4 is integrated with Google Maps to provide an accurate image, as satellite or standard map image, of where your child is located, should your child lose track of you. It also has an SOS button and a silent mode where you as parent/guardian can control at which time the watch shall be set in silent mode, i.e. while your child is at school (School Mode). When this function is enabled, your child cannot use it until you unlock it from the parents’ app – the only exception is the SOS function. It also features a calendar and step counter.

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Using the XPLORA 4, your child can run, swim, take photos with the 2MP camera and choose their own personal favourite wallpaper. You can select between a variety of ringtones for incoming calls and messages and with the step counter you can engage in your child’s movement and keep track of how far they have moved in a day. This is perfect for having friendly competitions between siblings or friends.


  • Coverage – 2G, 3G and 4G!
  • 2MP camera – store photos and video recordings for safe sharing
  • Waterproof – IPx8 certified
  • Receive calls from up to 20 predefined contacts
  • Call up to 20 predefined contacts
  • Receive SMS from predefined contacts (from predefined senders through the XPLORA app)
  • Send and receive voice messages
  • Send short, predefined messages (to predefined receivers through the XPLORA app)
  • School Mode
  • GPS
  • Safe Zones – receive push notifications when the watch enters or leaves a predefined zone
  • Coloured touch screen and changeable backgrounds!
  • Adjust ringtines, SMS tone and notification sounds.
  • Easy-to-use app – ‘XPLORA 4 & GO’
  • Battery time approx. 60 hours (standby)
  • GDPR compliant

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