New Paladins Champion – Azaan Descends

Recently Hi-Rez’s released to fans of the fantasy team shooter Paladins a brand new champion. The latest update ‘Absolution’ declares blazing flamed Azaan the Eternal as the most recent playable champion of the Realm.

Paladins Champion of the Realm – Azaan the Eternal teaser

Additonally, with the new releases comes the new Dark Depths Event Pass and a very special Mount is here.

Azaan the Eternal

Carved in the crucible of Pyre’s flames as the embodiment of all that lingers, Azaan careless for friend or foe, his attention only for the complete eradication of the Abyss.

On the battlefield, Azaan seeps terror into his enemies bones, cemented by his glowing fiery eyes, body clad in armor and blazing amber wings.

Weilding a huge flame-enswathe hammer, Azaan can erect a holy Sanctuary to bring salvation to allies, by giving them cover and obstructing lines of sight. On the flipside, these uncompromising walls can also entrap vulnerable enemies and bring them to their knees.

Azaan is charged by Ire through his passive ability. His wrath builds through prolonged battle, giving him passive benefits and augmenting his abilities.

Using his ultimate, Azaan propels himself into the sky and slams his hammer on the ground, sending a message – then plunges down to carry out the deliverance.

Dark Depth’s Event Pass

Plunge into the deep blue depths of Paladins latest Event-Pass Dark Depths and explore many leagues beneath is crashing waves. There are four subquatic skins and twenty other thematic rewards players can unlock simply by playing matches, including some for free such as Royal Mark Tyra.

Royal Mark Tyra

The Dark Depths Event Pass also commences another cycle of the popular Trials of the Realm. It’s a brand new feature, where Trials are engaging in-game challenges that unlock weekly. Completing trials, players can unlock currency and cosmetics including this time Azaan’s first MVP pose and the player title ‘Mass of Tentacles’.

Brody the Shark Mount

The brand new mount, Brody the Shark is here. Brody surfaces in the wake of his predecessore, the Sky Whale Mount, who was wholeheartedly from the community earlier this year. Brody the Shark is available now for Direct Purchase or in a Chest.

Last Chance for Season 4 Ranked Rewards

Prominent rewards can be earned through Paladins‘ ranked play, and the ongoing Season 4 will come to an end after this ‘Absoultion’ Update.

Rewards consists of fixed Loading Frames showcasing the rank achieved during the season. For those who played a hundred ranked games will gain access to a most forceful player title: ‘World Ender’. On completing your hundredth victory, players will receive an Epic skin as validation to their talent: Berserker Torvald.

Save The Date – The Hi-Rez Showcase event is taking place on January 6, 2022, featuring the biggest announcements and celebrations around Paladins as well as a full program of other Hi-Rez games and World Championship esports. More details can be found here.