Get Gal Gun 2 for as low as £2.86

Gal Gun 2 is one of those games we’ve reviewed that’s an acquired taste. The Japanese rail-shooter features cute anime girls possessed by demon who need you to save them. How is this achieved? by shooting them on different parts of their bodies with a special gun which causes the demons to leave them momentarily. Once out of the girls bodies, you’ll need to suck up those pesky critter with the Demon Sweeper gadget.

Available for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC, Gal Gun 2 is now on sale over on Fanatical as a part of a bundle. With a starting price of £9.99 you can get 3 games including the titular title. Other notable options are Love Esquire and Gamedec – Definitive Edition.

All games in this bundle will be distributed via keys redeemable on Steam. So if you’ve wanted to pick-up any of these titles, no may be the best time to grab them!

Oh and just a little extra for the switch gamers out there. The game can also be picked up on the switch for £4.69 over on CD Keys. Keep in mind though that the Switch code will only work in the EU & UK.

Qudduws Campbell

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