Every !SO! often (the color fades away.)

Life seems to be a blur. Without noticing it I’m piled under a shit load of work that requires all my time. I’m not that displeased though because i love the productivity; it allows me to achieve so much.

Life is like one big arcade, where the amount of coins you have are the amount of time you are here in the land of the living. We have as much as we need to succeed at any genre life throws our way. There are game overs so once you spend that coin make sure to play your best and make many save points (always have a backup plan). Remember don’t be a control freak no one likes those losers (allow those close to you to give u a hand for those stages in your life you can’t pass on your own). Don’t let just anybody put there coin in and spoil your fun. (Be very selective of who you let close to your heart). Choose your player 2 wisely (not everyone you meet who you genuinely love, genuinely loves you). So don’t be too quick to jump into a relationship. Learn to play co-op. (you need to learn to work well with others in anything you do). We humans are a social species which means we rely on each other to get a lot of things done in life.

And most of all remember to have fun at anything you do (why play the game of life if you’re not gonna have fun).

The forth coming

I don’t have any updates i am currently able to share about this section this !SO! often but stay tuned there will be news sooner than you think.


My taste in music is always changing because I’m always changing. If i stick to the same old stuff it means I’m staying stagnant for too long. I am one who wants success in life so i need to always keep ahead of the curve in all i do. As i adapt to changes in my life so does my music because music is like a part of my soul. I wrote about this once before in one of my first blogs, but that is lost to the wind now because of sites upgrading and deleting old content. I like to think of music like a key and the individual as the door or lock. Now bear with me here, if music is the key and we the individuals are the door then when the key is used it unlocks all our hidden potential which is our soul. The soul to me is all the things that make you you, your likes, dislikes, feelings, thoughts and emotions. have you ever wondered why when you are doing something you don’t like and listening to good music the time seems to fly bye but when the music sucks time just seems to stand still. This is because the music you love resonates with your soul and keeps your internal body rhythm in check i.e. your potential. Moral of the story make sure to listen to good music that resonates with you, don’t change your taste because of someone else. It may not be the key you need and then you’re locked out from your potential.

So this is my Key for this “!So! often” as always leave a comment and share your tunage as well.


these days I’m playing my DS lite a lot. I’m currently playing a European import called Inazuma eleven 2: blizzard. Its football rpg and when i say football i don’t mean that American thing. I’m talking about real football or soccer as some call it “Hala Madrid”. The games plays like a standard top down view rpg with random encounters and all the bells and whistles. The cool thing is when you enter a battle or match. The game goes to the football pitch and then you control your players via the stylus. When they shoot for goal or perform a beat the game switches to a cinematic then goes back to the action. It’s a well made game by the guys at level 5, yeah the layton dudes. Other than my handheld passion I’m also getting a good taste ofFifa 12 on my xbox as i train my skills for Fifa 13 which will be out the 25 September 2012.


Oh my I’m actually enjoying my Tele these days. For the first time in a while I have a full roster of shows that have me all bottled up and waiting for their next episodes, so here’s the rundown. As usual we have Melissa and Joey leading the charge, this abc comedy it’s the best on TV ATM.

Next is Baby daddy which is a new series. it had a slow start but it’s like alcohol it starts tasting better as you drink more and keep getting even more drunk. I’m also watching Charlie Sheen’s new show Anger management and trust me Sheen’s still got it i won’t spoil it, just go watch it as soon as you finish read this blog. Other than Sheen’s new show there’s Awkward. I know it’s a chickish series, but i live with females so some of their tele taste rub off on me from time to time and i kinda find Ashley Rickards looks a little cute Js. In my anime bucket there’s Sword art online, Arcana Famiglia and I’m thinking of stating this anime called “Another”. I keep seeing someone talking about so I’m gonna give it the good old college try. If you want to hear a more in-depth description of my anime taste, then make sure to listen to the next BSP.


this !SO! often i actually don’t have a recipe for the for the blog because I’ve been staying away from the kitchen by all means necessary because my mom is major trolling me *sigh.:(

Anyway i do have this picture of what kinda junk i eat when i can’t get to make what i want to eat.

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