LucidSound LS30 Unboxing


According to the LucidSound the wireless LS30 is the most sophisticated design in gaming headsets. The LS30 not only looks elegant but is functionally different than any other gaming headset on the market. Its revolutionary design provides simple, intuitive controls to adjust the most commonly used features including game volume, game mute, chat volume, and mic mute. With both an integrated microphone and removable boom microphone, the LS30 can be used on the go with mobile gaming devices, phones and audio devices. The versatility and cross platform compatibility allows the LS30 to work seamlessly with the XBOX One and PS4 as well as legacy consoles including the XBOX360 and PS3.

LS30 Box

They sent us an LS30 to review, so before we get into the review, and thus I’ll be using it as my main Headset for the week so that I can truly put it through it’s paces. While you wait for the review, why not check out our unboxing:

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